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kitchen appliances&smart pet products​​


Vacuum wine opener

A wine decanter as well as a wine preserver.

Features: Intelligent vacuum wine opener can pour out the wine without removing the cork, quickly decanting the wine, and better preserve the wine by withdraw the air in the bottle. Thanks to our wine openers, we can enjoy drinking without worrying about the unfinished wine.

Multi-functional cooker

Air frying, baking,soup cooking in one pot

Features: 3.5L large capacity, baking and soup cooking at the same time, multi-functional, easy to disassemble, suitable for all occasions.

Vertical air inlet for fast processing of foods. Transparent glass lid, convenient  to temperature control. 

eat, drink, play, care, clean, etc.

PAWTECH pet appliances series

Product : pet water blower, pet fountain pet hair comb, pet feeder, pet carrier, etc.

 We are committed to creating a variety of different categories of almost all intelligent pet products. With professional and mature technology, We are aiming to create a more intelligent and comfortable pet raising experience for you.